Things you can do to stop home repossession

April 25th, 2012

Fast sale can help you avoid repossession – it’s a known fact. But are there any other things that you can do to stop home repossession? Let’s see.

  1. Do not run away from the situation and face the reality. If you have missed mortgage payments and your lenders have started calling you then pick the phone and talk to them. If you can foresee a hardship then be proactive and call your lender to inform them about the situation. There are many things a lender can offer, such as:
    1. Payment holiday – no need to make any payment for a certain span of time
    2. Add outstanding amount into mortgage – this is a nice way to clear the arrears
    3. Pay mortgage arrears in instalments – you will be able to pay off the mortgage arrears without taking much pressure
    4. By the power of Homeowners Mortgage Support scheme you can pay a part of the mortgage interest for up to 2 years
    5. Get the mortgage terms extended so that you get more time to pay off; monthly instalments would go down in that case
    6. Switch to interest only mode
  2. Rent the house and move into a smaller house. Use the money that you get from rent wisely; clear the mortgage and once you are financially strong again, move back to your own house. If your house is large and you have an extra room then consider renting one room of the house. This would bring you more savings.
  3. If job loss, medical problems in the family or any such thing is the reason for you not to be able to pay the mortgage, then consider taking up another job. Different types of part time jobs are available these days. You can search on the internet and look for real, legitimate job offers that you can do from your home. A parallel flow of money would help you get back on the right track.

Depending on your situation you can choose any of the solution. If nothing works talk to the home buyers in your area and arrange for a quick sale of your home.

When to seek professional help from the home buyers in the UK

April 14th, 2012

Home buyers in the UK are professionals when it comes to buying houses; it is always good to seek professional help when facing a conundrum.

Selling a property quickly and getting a good deal is the dream of every property seller but only a few get good deals on their properties. Would you want to get a good deal on your property? If yes, you must read on and find out.

Approaching home buyers is perhaps the best available option to you; home buyers pay liquid cash and arrange for a quick sale saving both time and money.

Home buyers are approached day in, day out by sellers and they help several property sellers on a regular basis.

It is very important to save time; finding amateur buyers is really easy but they won’t be able to help you. You need to find professional buyers who will keep their word and offer you a profitable, quick and guaranteed deal. It is difficult to find such buyers.

It is very important to distinguish between serious buyers and amateur buyers. Keeping amateur buyers at bay is the key to saving time and money.

There are property sellers who completely trust home buyers and that is the way it should be, home buyers operate with complete transparency and they never hide any information from the sellers. Approaching them is always a good idea and it has worked well for several property sellers and there is no reason as to why it won’t work for you.

To conclude it is very fair to say that you must approach a home buyer right away, they will make life easier for you. They offer numerous benefits and services but most importantly they can arrange for a quick and a hassle free sale, they do not even charge their commission.

Looking for a quick sale? Approach home buyers

April 9th, 2012

Is your quest to find a potential buyer still on? Are you jaded? If yes, there is no point chasing shadows. Home buyers are dominating the property market in the UK and there is no reason as to why you should not approach them.

There is no shortage of buyers but finding serious buyers has always been a huge problem. Amateur buyers are going to disappoint you time and time again, keep them at an arm’s length because they never mean business.

There are numerous formalities involved when it comes to selling a house and the whole process is very time consuming, home buyers can simplify this intricate process and can make life easier for the sellers. Approaching home buyers is also advisable because the legal fee involved in the process gets chalked off and they do not charge any commission so it becomes a win-win situation for the seller.

There are several sellers who try many different things, it may work but it takes time. For instance posting an advertisement is a good idea but the response takes time and there is surety that the interest would culminate into a deal, on the other hand directly approaching home buyers assures the seller of the deal, they are serious about their business and have been doing really well in the UK. There are several sellers who approach them with complete confidence and home buyers never let them down. Approach a home buyer to get things rolling for you and a potential deal could be just round the corner for you.

Sell the matrimonial home fast – Talk to the home buyers

March 19th, 2012

First you have to decide whether you want to sell the home or not; you have to evaluate your situation. Things that should be considered are:

1] Whether you have children or not – age of the children

2] The equity on house

3] Probably division of the property

4] Whether you two and the children can be re-housed with the money that you get

5] Your income

You can always choose not to sell the property, if you want. But if you need some urgent cash in hand after divorce selling house fast can be a viable option.

Once court announces the division you can get the property sold and receive your share of cash. But the question is how to sell home fast. You have got the consent of your spouse but there is no buyer – unless you sell the matrimonial home you cannot buy a new home. Quick sale is your first priority now.

Unfortunately when the property market is down, house prices are low and mortgage approval rate is below the standard then it becomes difficult to sell home fast. Contacting estate agents might be a solution but it might not be of any help when the market condition is adverse. You have to look for the professional home buyers to get your home sold fast.

Experienced home buyers can offer you a quick solution. They can buy your home in 7 to 10 days; once you inform them about your situation they would offer the best possible solution so that you can sell the home within your deadline.

Divorce, repossession or relocation – a home buyer offers custom and quick solution for all the situations that require fast sale of house. Hence, as soon as you decide to sell your home, look for a home buyer in your area. A reputable home buyer can offer you the quickest solution and make things easier for you.

3 Types of Home Buyers – Know them and choose the right one

February 27th, 2012

Do you need to sell your home fast? Not sure whom to approach? Probably you have talked with some of the buyers – they came for viewing and then the deal did not mature. And this is happening again and again.

You need a better understanding of the market; the strategies that used to work earlier might not be useful any more. You have to know what will work and what will not and then prepare the right plan of action.

Your objective is to get buyers; but the problem begins when the behaviour of the buyers becomes unpredictable. Somebody comes for viewing, shows interest to buy your house and then suddenly disappears because they could not secure mortgage.

Such uncertainty makes things tougher for you. Why don’t you gather more knowledge about the buyers and prepare yourself accordingly. If you know the strengths and weaknesses of your prospect, you can shield yourself and decide your next move.

Three types of buyers are usually found in the market; let’s learn about them and see which group suits you most.

  1. First time buyers: They are new in the market; they do not have much knowledge about the legal formalities associated with the property buying. Most of the first time buyers need mortgage to buy houses. They depend on first time buyers’ mortgage plans; and when lenders employ tougher criteria to qualify for mortgage, they cannot buy properties.
  2. Move up buyers: They are the ones who already own a house and planning to buy a smaller or bigger one. They will sell the old house and then use that money to buy the new one. This type of buyers will not be able to buy your house unless they sell their own. So some sort of bottleneck will influence the deal.
  3. Cash home buyers: These buyers can make instant cash offer for your house; they are professional home buyers and usually have abundance of cash. Even if they need any financial help from bank or any lending institute they can secure it quickly. Being investors they are always keen to buy properties; if you contact a cash home buyer rest assured that they would buy your house without any delay.

Now, based on your situation you have to decide which buyer is ideal for you. If you are in hurry, look for cash home buyers in your neighbourhood.

Are you selling your home for less?

February 9th, 2012

Are you selling your home in hurry? Have you been contacted by a home buyer who has offered unexpectedly low price? You have all the reasons to be sceptical. Even when you need to sell house fast do not settle for an amount way too low than the market standard.

If you decide to work with the home buyers make sure you find out a professional in the field. An ethical home buyer would always offer you close to market value. It is true that all the home buyers, even the most ethical ones, ask for discount. But if you evaluate the kind of return you get you would realise that it’s not them but you who is in the favourable side of the game.

Let’s check the benefits you get by working with the home buyers.

  1. You can get rid of your problem property fast
  2. When property market is down and there is no buyer at all, home buyers would offer you a guaranteed sale
  3. Home buyers do not ask for any fees – you can save a lot on estate agent’s fees
  4. Home buyers pay the legal fees either in full or up to a certain amount
  5. Home buyers keep you away from all the legal hassles, paper work and legwork
  6. Home buyers do not force you to spend pounds to renovate or decorate the house unlike the estate agents

And if a buyer asks for discount in turn, that’s quite justified. You might come across people who would exaggerate the fact that home buyers pay less. It’s true that there are some deceitful businesses that play unethical game. But when you work with professional home buyers you can depend on them eyes closed.

Why first time home buyers are dormant these days

January 6th, 2012

People all over the world are keen to find suitable homes for living. First time home buyers in Swindon are at cross roads and often do not know how to go about buying a house. There are plenty of sellers who are on the look out to seek buyers who are in a position to pay their quoted prices. There are numerous kinds of sellers. There are some who intend to sell their homes in a hurry to meet their emergency financial requirements. They are the ones to meet their emergency financial requirements. They are the ones who are prepared to settle for a lower price.

However, the task of buying a new home is not easy. Here are some tasks that home buyers need to do. And those who do not understand the legal aspects of property deal might find it challenging to handle all these single-handedly.

Adequate title search of the property

The first time home buyers should tread cautiously and should take all the precautions while making a deal, any lapse can lead to trouble and the buyer may be duped and the deal may end up in a loss.

The buyer should take adequate measures to ensure that the home that they are looking to buy is free from any encumbrance and that the seller has absolute title to the property and has an absolute right to sell the home. The legal papers of the property should be examined to complete satisfaction and they should be free from all ambiguities. All records of the property should be kept in order so that there is no undue delay in settling the deal at any point of time.

Finances should be prearranged for Home Buyers In Swindon

Adequate arrangement of funds to buy the home or property should be made well in advance. If a bank loan is required then all the requirements in this regard should be made so that there is no last time hassle to complete the deal.

Arrangements should be made well in advance for the down payment needed to settle the deal. The sellers are always on the lookout for buyers who have funds at hand. With easy liquidity the deal can be struck fast.

Evaluation of the property or home

Competent evaluator of a property should be engaged who will look into all the aspects of the home or property prepared to be sold. The age of home, the condition of the house, the material used in constructing the house along with its present market value are all looked into by the evaluator, who after all the considerations assesses the present market value of the home or property. Such evaluators are competent and qualified engineers or architects whose opinion can be relied upon. Such evaluation forms the basis of the deal.

All the above aspects should invariably be looked into by the first time home buyers to ensure that the deal is effectively and profitably made.

On the other hand, cash home buyers are free from all these; they are familiar with the property buying process and they can handle the legal matters easily. Being investors they often do not need any financial assistance to buy your house. Hence, a professional home buyer can offer you quick sale any time.

Good to be a seller in Leicester

January 6th, 2012

When you do not have the expertise or knowledge about a thing then always seek the opinion of the experts. Rely on the maxim and go the experts. If you are a homeowner looking for home buyers in Leicester area it is good to get help from experts who can guide you on how to sell house fast.

Consult authorised evaluators

Buyers will get your house evaluated, but you can get it done on your own. Talk to a professional evaluator who is authorised to do evaluation in your area. Once you get the report, you can understand how much price you might get from the house and then fix the asking price accordingly.

Legal Status of the Property

As the owner you must be aware of the legal status of the property. Whether it is being repossessed, whether there are co-owners or any other thing, make sure you state it clearly to the buyer.

It is not difficult for the buyer to collect such information; so it will be better if you provide the data to them. It will help you build up a rapport with the buyer and ultimately you can sell the house fast as the buyer will not waste time searching the legal status of the property.

Arrangement of funds

It might sound odd but it is true; even when you decide to sell the house you might need some fund too. You will need money to promote your home, to renovate it, to move out and to get the legal stuff done.

However, you can get rid of all the hassles of property selling if you work with the home buyers. Professional home buyers take care of all the hassles and offer you a smooth sale. So look for local home buyers and sell your home fast.

2 Reasons why your property is not selling

December 12th, 2011

Probably you have tried everything to sell your property; yet no one is showing interest to buy it. Don’t get frustrated, by making minor tweaks in your strategy and by taking the right measures you can sell it fast.

Let’s discuss about top two factors that stand as obstacles and create problems when it comes to sell a property. Once you know the reasons behind the problem you can rectify them and get rid of the trouble.

1] You have set high asking price

If you set very high asking price then you would have problem finding buyers. You have to follow the market trends. Look at popular property portals and see for how much price similar properties are being sold in your area. If you need to sell house fast in Wolverhampton then study the property market of that area before finalising the asking price.

The price tag matters, a lot of people will simply not come for viewing if the price of the house is too high. So be very careful while specifying the price. Talk to the experts, get an evaluation done and then paste the price tag. Property buyers in Wolverhampton might help you get a free evaluation of your property.

2] You are trying to sell it on the open market

This is another factor that you should consider. The market condition is not in favour of the people who sell properties on the open market. UK property market is not in a good condition; the market is yet to become fully functional after recession.

Hence, if you try to sell your house on the open market through estate agents, chances are high that it would take long time. To make it faster you have to look for professional property buyers in your area. If you are in Norwich look for property buyers in Norwich and sell the property fast.

Home might not sell but history will

December 12th, 2011

Are you trying to sell your home? Are you tired of rejection and broken chain? You are not alone; thousands of people in the country are facing the same situation. Why don’t you take an unusual approach to make your home sale?

When someone comes for viewing owners usually show them the home and highlight all the amazing features it has. Have you ever thought about promoting the history of the house? Prospective buyers might refuse to buy a house that is well equipped and has excellent features, but one can hardly control the desire to buy a house that has a prestigious history.

Promote the history associated with your home

This is something that you cannot add, if your home has an interesting story or an amazing history then only you can share it with the buyers. They would love to listen to the story and if they can associate themselves with it they might like to buy your home.

If any eminent person has lived in your house, do not forget to tell it to the buyers. You might add a small plate just below the nameplate and share the story about the house there. This would help you grab the attention of the buyers and finally the home would get sold faster. one of the leading property portals of UK has started the Purple Plaque initiative. They are finding out the houses across the country where celebrities had stayed sometimes in their life.

If your home has any such history, tell it to your agent or promote it while selling your home. If you are in Bradford and going to work with the home buyers in Bradford you can share the history of the home with the buyer as well.