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You can save £2,600 a year if you can pay!

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

According to a report by mortgage borrowers are saving £2,600 a year due to low mortgage rates. This is good, however, to enjoy the benefits of low rates you must be in a position to pay the mortgage payments – that’s the first and only requirement!

Most mortgage borrowers are finding it difficult to stick to their mortgage payments. A lot of people have lost their jobs and are unable to pay their mortgage instalments. Thousands of homes have been repossessed by the lenders across the UK. Even when property price is low and mortgage rates are comparatively lower as well buyers are not buying properties. Most individuals are not in a position to take advantage of the low rates.

Buyers are not very sure about the future of the market; if the rates suddenly go high or if they lose their jobs, they might have to face repossession too. Hence, they are finding it more comfortable to rent houses and wait for few more days before taking a home loan.

Those who need to sell house fast to avoid repossession or to overcome any financial hardship are facing the challenge. Even after contacting the best estate agents in the area they are not able to sell their house for a fair price. When individuals are not buying, estate agents cannot help you; only professional house buyers can help you sell your house quickly.

When you need to sell house in Glasgow, you have to look for house buyers in Glasgow. A cash house buyer is an investor; they offer instant cash for your house. You can get quick and assured sale if you work with house buyers. Individuals who need mortgage to buy your house are not the right persons to approach while selling house fast; you have to look for experienced and professional cash house buyers in your area to sell the house.

Individuals are not active these days; though this is the ideal time to invest in properties, individuals are not able to buy because of the unstable economy. The low mortgage rates and low house price are of no use to them who look for security in the market.

Houses Prices Falling – Still No House Buyer to Sell My House

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

House prices are falling; after recession property prices did not make any significant improvement till date. And now it is fluctuating – it goes up few points in a month and then again slips down in the next month. Overall, house prices have remained low over past couple of months.

Still buyers are not purchasing properties; the reason is economic uncertainty. First time home buyers are not sure how difficult it will be to continue with mortgage payments as the job market is still not stable. Another problem is strict mortgage approval criteria. Banks have introduced stricter qualifying criteria. A lot of people failed to repay their mortgage earlier; banks had to take up some precautionary measure. This is another problem for mortgage borrowers – many first time home buyers are not qualifying for loans.

This has turned up to be a major problem for the sellers; especially those who need to sell house fast. How to find house buyers quickly? How to find cash house buyers to remove the uncertainties from property deals?

Just think, when house price is low, who would be happy to buy houses? An investor! So look for investors who are ready to pay you quick cash for your house. There are cash house buyers who help homeowners sell their properties fast by offering them a cash deal.

Professional cash house buyers do not need mortgage or any sort of financial assistance to buy your house; hence they can offer you guaranteed deal – no delay and no uncertainties. If you want to sell your house fast, look for cash house buyers in your area.

5 Things to do when you need to find cash home buyers fast

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

It’s quite natural to get confused when it comes to sell a property fast. How to prepare the house for viewings, where to find the buyers, how to market the house properly, how to figure out the right asking price and many such questions keep coming in your mind as you start the basic activities.

Here is a list of to do’s that helps you make the things easier.

1] Renovate, decorate and clean the house:

As soon as you take the final decision about selling your house, you should think how to prepare the house for the viewings. Inspectors will come to evaluate the house, prospective buyers will also come. Make sure the house is neat and clean; also repair the visible damages – it will help you get better price.

2] Watch the local property market:

Start monitoring the local property market. It will help you prepare the right property selling strategy. If any property has been sold in your locality recently, then contact the owner and ask how they sold it; how long it took to find a buyer etc. Once you have these data, you can prepare an effective plan of action.

3] Come up with the right asking price:

This is very important; you have to figure out the right asking price. Ask the experts if you are unable to come to a decision. If you tag a price that is too high then it will be more difficult to find a buyer. On the other hand, if you tag a low price, you may end up doing a bad deal.

4] Look for a new home:

As soon as someone agrees to buy your house, you should start looking for a new home. Make sure the deal does not get delayed because you could not find a new house to move in.

5] Contact cash home buyers in your area:

Cash home buyers are investors; they can always help you sell your house fast. They are investors; they do not need any financial assistance to buy your property. Hence, they can buy your house pretty fast.

To make things easier, you should contact local cash buyers. If you are from Hull area, look for cash home buyers in Hull so that they can reach to you as soon as you contact them and offer you fast property sale in Hull.

One simple answer to avoid home repossession

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Due to the global downturn in the economy leading to the collapse of the UK housing market, many UK citizens are forced to take a hard look at their financial condition. Many are standing on the verge of losing their shelter.

While young, almost all of us have had a dream of owning a house. However, many people have learnt the hard way that dreams might not always come true. Despite putting in all the hard work, some situations are not really under our control. Sometimes we realize the hard way that we can no longer afford the mortgage on our home.

There is no doubt that during such tough times, we have to come in terms with the fact that we have to let our beloved house get repossessed by the mortgage lenders.

Fortunately, there is an answer to repossession. It is a very viable alternative. There are cash buyers available all over UK, who can bail you out from such situations. Cash buyers purchase properties of all types irrespective of the conditions they are in. The cash buyers usually make the entire process of buying your house pretty quick. Understanding your present financial situation, the cash buyers would take responsibility of paying all the solicitor fees and other additional charges needed to complete the process.

Therefore if you are at the crossfire of the economic slump and are looking for fast house selling option, then, have a heart. There is a solution that is just waiting for you.

How to find a cash house buyer

Monday, September 13th, 2010

‘Cash house buyers’ is a term which can be used to cover a lot of real estate terminology such as investors, property traders, real estate developers etc.

A cash home buyer will be able to help you if you intend to sell your house quickly.

Cash buyers buy properties for cash. They usually operate with pre-arranged finance so that they can buy the property quickly.

First determine why is it that you want to sell your house? Is there a financial crunch that is driving you towards selling your house? Take a little time to reflect on whether this is the only solution you have to your problem.

Whatever is the reason behind your looking for a cash home buyer, you must be aware of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about a cash home buyer.

What can you expect from a cash buyer?

A cash buyer is actually a property trader who makes a living out of buying and selling properties. More often than not, they are also developers and investors.

There are variety types of property buyers. It is advisable that you take time to find out the different kinds of cash buyers.

How can you find a property cash buyer?

Search the internet for a good cash buyer in your area. Depending on the results that come up on the search engines, you can opt for any such company.

An alternative can be to look into a number of online directories available on the internet. You can also find a lot of cash buyers advertising in the Yellow Pages, local newspapers etc.

The advantage of researching on the internet is that you can find out a lot about the company and also compare it with others before contacting them.

4 Top Benefits of Dealing with Cash Home Buyers

Friday, August 27th, 2010

The economy has not recovered 100% yet. It is not a secret that the housing market is down. When somebody needs to sell a house, it can be a big challenge to find out a buyer. People have started to believe that this is not the right time to invest in properties or to buy a new home. They are trying to save money rather than investing it. As a result there is a dearth of genuine property buyers in the market.

What to do when someone needs to sell house quickly? The best option is to find cash house buyers in the locality. There are many advantages of dealing with cash buyers; here we go:

Fast – the deal can be closed within few days

Those who need to sell house quickly, can be benefitted by working with cash buyers. A reputed cash buyer will typically complete the process within 7 to 10 days once you agree to proceed with their offer.

No hassle, No legwork, No paperwork

Cash house buyers will carry out all the paperwork and other formalities on your behalf; once you sign the agreement with them you are just done. They will prepare all legal papers and documents and keep you informed about ins and outs of the process.

Confirmed deal

A home buyer will never say ‘No’ to you – whatever is the condition of your house they will agree to buy it. Hence, once you contact a cash buyer, it is guaranteed that you will be able to sell the house to them.

No commission

Unlike property agents, a property buyer will never ask for commission – they purchase houses directly from the homeowners and no third party is involved in the process. By dealing with cash house buyers you save the money that you otherwise had to pay to the agents.