Are you selling your home for less?

Are you selling your home in hurry? Have you been contacted by a home buyer who has offered unexpectedly low price? You have all the reasons to be sceptical. Even when you need to sell house fast do not settle for an amount way too low than the market standard.

If you decide to work with the home buyers make sure you find out a professional in the field. An ethical home buyer would always offer you close to market value. It is true that all the home buyers, even the most ethical ones, ask for discount. But if you evaluate the kind of return you get you would realise that it’s not them but you who is in the favourable side of the game.

Let’s check the benefits you get by working with the home buyers.

  1. You can get rid of your problem property fast
  2. When property market is down and there is no buyer at all, home buyers would offer you a guaranteed sale
  3. Home buyers do not ask for any fees – you can save a lot on estate agent’s fees
  4. Home buyers pay the legal fees either in full or up to a certain amount
  5. Home buyers keep you away from all the legal hassles, paper work and legwork
  6. Home buyers do not force you to spend pounds to renovate or decorate the house unlike the estate agents

And if a buyer asks for discount in turn, that’s quite justified. You might come across people who would exaggerate the fact that home buyers pay less. It’s true that there are some deceitful businesses that play unethical game. But when you work with professional home buyers you can depend on them eyes closed.

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