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A quick guide to picking a dependable cash home buyer in the UK

Picking a Cash Home Buyer - What you Need to Know

Over a thousand cash home buyers, ranging from small time local area buyers to big time nationwide firms, are plugging promises that seem to provide all the solutions to a homeowner's misery. While many have found a fast home sale transaction as their best means forward, a number of homeowners have not been as lucky. Some have fallen prey to unethical practices of greedy buyers exploiting the tight situation they are in.

Unless you know a cash buyer personally, there is really no clear cut way that you can be 100% sure if a buyer is trustworthy enough. However, go through this guide on picking a dependable cash home buyer and you will minimise the risk of getting duped.

1.Watch out against cash buyers with claims that are too good to be true
To attract sellers, some cash buyers promise offers of up to 90% when surveys show that properties are typically sold within 70%-80%. Some boast of a sale completion within 24-48 hours when insiders confirm that the usual transaction takes 2-4 weeks. If they can mislead you from the beginning, what's your guarantee that they will keep their offer up to the end?

2.A good cash home buyer will inform you of other options that may be of benefit to you.
A good cash buyer will not press you to accept the offer right away and will give you time to consult independent advice.

3.A qualified surveyor should be hired to assess your property's value
Your cash home buyer should hire a qualified RICS surveyor to assess the true value of your home.

4.No Hidden Fees to surprise you
If the cash buyer's ad claims no extra fees, then there shouldn't be. Stay away from buyers who demand upfront fees even when a service has not yet been rendered.

5.Check the company's financial strength
Large scale companies with a vast network of buyers give the added advantage of screening and qualifying their partners' financial and moral standing .In case your buyer gets hard up, picking a buyer who is a part of a bigger firm gives you an extra safety net. Other buyers from the network will be able to catch the financially ailing buyer, if needed.

6.Check for verifiable testimonials
Fast Property Solutions (FPS), a fast property buying firm with a network all over the UK, has verifiable testimonials that can be viewed at[[]]. Check them out and see if FPS can qualify as your dependable cash home buyer.

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